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armpit pad armpit pad armpit pad armpit pad
Product name:armpit pad

Armpit pad, (also called Underarm Sweat Pads, underarm liner, Sweat Shields)
made of 100% cotton with fleece, very soft and comfortable.
Size: L:11cm; W:7.5cm (customizable)
100% breathable cotton, disposable, discreet.

Creates a barrier between the underarm and the clothing, keeping clothes cleaner and stain-free! 

Simple yet revolutionary unisex concept in both beauty and fashion. Garment Guard is a disposable, self-adhesive, cotton disc that adheres to the inside of clothing. 

Garment Guard is perfect for:
Preventing yellow underarm/ deodorant stains on white shirts;
Preventing wet marks on shirt underarms;
Keeping clothes clean when cleaning is expensive or damaging to the fabric.
Detailed Description:
Beige color.

Directions for use:
Turn your garment inside out, peel off paper backing, firming stick one garment guard onto each underarm area of the garment.
Put on your garment and wear them confidently.
After removing your garment, remove and discard garment guard.
Use a damp clothing to remove any remaining adhesive on your garment. 

Underarm Liners provide a discreet, disposable and user-friendly solution to an embarrassing predicament. This inexpensive product can extend the life of an expensive and treasured garment by stopping staining & white powdery deodorant marks as well as the irremovable yellow sweat stains.

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