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Silicone Nipple Cover (large size) mini bra Silicone Nipple Cover (large size) mini bra Silicone Nipple Cover (large size) mini bra
Product name:Silicone Nipple Cover (large size) mini bra
This is a set of two smooth silicone based self-adhesive mini bra / nipple covers. Bigger than our other silicone Nipple Cover, reusable sticky nipple cover, everyday use. Large enough to cover and conceal most nipple and areola.
Size: 9.5cm dia (flat measure), 60g/pair.
One size fits all.
Packing: blister and box.
Color: Nude, and others.
Material: silicone gel.
Flower shaped

Go braless with our silicone cover - the backless, strapless lingerie secret for a sophisticated and sexy silhouette.

Featuring self-adhesive, washable and reusable silicone, these handy little concealers make it possible to wear 
almost any top without putting on a peep show. With a simple circle design and thin edge, you don't have to 
worry about the edges popping up or away from the skin.

To clean, gently handwash the silicone discs with mild soap and water, air dry and you'll see the adhesive backing 
will "renew" itself for a clean sticky surface that can be used about 50 times. A must-have wardrobe staple to 
conceal one of your most precious parts! 

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